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Firing is a form of alchemy. Having spent many hours sculpting metal forms, riveting them and then many more painstakingly painting with enamel, the sculpture is then subjected to intense heat in a kiln for just a few minutes. Hours of slow, meditative work culminate in an unpredictable process which dictates the outcome.


Internal landscape 1, 2013, copper, rivets, enamel, felt

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1. Internal landscape 1, 2013, copper, enamel, rivets, hand knitted felt

2. Internal landscape 1, installed at New Movement pop up gallery, Broadmead, Bristol, June-September 2013

3. Internal landscape 1, detail

4. Internal landscape II, 2014, copper, enamel, rivets

5. Detail of a series of smaller Internal landscape sculptures, 2013-14, copper, enamel, rivets. Installed at Scratch exhibition with Align at Centrespace Gallery, Bristol, June 2013

6. Detail of Internal landscape III, 2013

7. & 8. Several of my enamel sculptures installed at Align at The Guild, Bristol Guild, Bristol, Jan. – Feb. 2014