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Align is a group of artists who met while studying on the Drawing and Applied Arts degree at the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol. As part of our course, in our second year, we had to set up an exhibition within the UWE Bower Ashton campus; I was part of a group called Dozen who curated the exhibition Align for 5 days in November 2012 in the corridor of F Block. We had such a fabulous time planning, setting up and curating this show that afterwards most of us decided we wanted to exhibit together outside Uni so we invited some other friends from the course and became Align. We exhibited together twice, and maybe we’ll do something together again one day….

The Align artists are Lou Baker, Victoria Collins, Veronia Gayle, Ellie Gray, Liz Harding, Sandra James, Sally O’Neill, Nicola Pearce, Soraya Schofield, Lily Urbanska, and Maura Zukina.

                      Most of the Align artists during the take down of the Scratch exhibition at Centrespace, June 2013.
                                                                       Soraya's taking the photo!

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Align at Bristol Guild Gallery, Bristol, January 25th – February 15th 2014

Exhibition statement

‘Align explores the boundaries of mark making using a multi disciplinary approach. As a group of Bristol based Drawing and Applied Arts students we showcase a diverse range of work that spans both 2D and 3D visual imagery and is unified by our playful sense of curiosity. Through this exhibition we hope to challenge perceptions of what it means to draw.’

Align at Centrespace Gallery, Bristol, June 7th – 11th, 2013

Press release 

‘Drawing with concrete? Making soup? Knitting a shroud? Filming from a train window? These are some of the processes that members of Align have been investigating over the last year as we have been exploring identity and retrospect as part of the Drawing and Applied Arts course at UWE.

We are a group of 12 second year students, all women, all obsessed with drawing and making, and our exhibition at Centrespace from the 7th to the 11th of June is our first public exhibition as a group. We have called the show Scratch, as through our work we hope to challenge the perceptions of what it is to draw.

Some aspects of our drawings are intensely physical - scratching, gouging, cutting, forming, stitching; others are more contemplative – smoothing clay, filming, printing, knitting; some involve elements of alchemy, magical moments of change in control that affect the final outcome, firing and felting; but all our work is driven by curiosity and playfulness. What will happen if…..? 

For Scratch we have selected an intriguing and diverse collection of works. Some are two dimensional, some sculptural, some involve text and film; but all are thought provoking. Led by concentrated interactions with materials yet concept driven, we investigate the boundaries of mark making, each artist adding her own personality and sense of play to her work. This is what has brought us together as Align.’